Pierderea în greutate în traducerea germană

pierderea în greutate - Traducere Greacă - Lizarder

pierderea în greutate în traducerea germană

This was associated with loss in weight of body, liver, spleen and thymus and an increase in the phagocytic index, alphaPVP general - core. The loss in weight of wheat kernels due to infection by F The rat carcasses were subsequently analysed for TBN by Kjeldahl digestion, for total body water TBW by loss of weight after freeze-drying and for body fat by adiabatic bomb calorimetry after subtraction of protein energy The mean value for total nitrogen in the haemolymph and total loss in weight of the insects during metamorphosis have also been recorded general - core.

The chest X-ray presented here is of a year-old man presenting with a 3-month history of loss of weight and appetite as well as a chronic cough general - core.

pierderea în greutate în traducerea germană

This study is about how hydrogen adsorption in soil aqueous environment will affect the material appearance and loss of weight will be used to determine the corrosion rate They obtained the loss of weight per hour of subjects in the basal state by means of a delicate balance, sufficiently large to support the necessary weight; and plotted this against the basal calories for twenty-four hours, obtained by a standard method Changes in the nature of growth and loss of weight as a result of parasitic infestation were noticed We describe the case of a year-old male patient who presented with dyspnea, pleuritic pain, loss of weight and nodule on his anterior chest, back and left arm suspicious of lipoma Levels of protein supplement, ranging from none to 15 percent, in the rations of hens did not influence the loss of weight of eggs during storage