Matrix tnt fat burner recenzii

matrix tnt fat burner recenzii

Ne pare rau, acest produs nu mai face parte din oferta curenta a niciunui magazin. Descriere - Peak Plutonium 1 kg Summary of Plutonium: Plutonium is an upgrade to the pre-work out supplement Detonator — now even more extreme than ever for the hardest workout.

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Plutonium guarantees a brutal muscle pump, a muscle cell strain to the limit and beyond, exorbitant energy, almost inhuman power and a thermo genesis that melts your body fat as if it was in a melting pot. Plutonium floods your muscles with over anabolic building substances.

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Detonator was originally an elite supplement for Russian market and had planned to really bring down everything that America thought about pre-workout supplements. Detonator was incredibly effective and quickly became the most feared pre-workout supplement.

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To avoid confusion with harmless competing products, Detonator is now with the help of Russian hardcore athletes upgraded under the name of Plutonium. The Plutonium formula is even stronger - with more amino acids and more stimulants: T.

These fat burners are running your fat burning engine at full speed, which can melt your body fat matrix tnt fat burner recenzii in a melting pot and increase your strength levels immeasurably. In particular, the anabolic hormone testosterone, growth hormone HGHIGF-1 and insulin boost the development of your muscles big as a rock and hard as a steel.

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By doing this you won the next hardcore workout even before it started and you are prepared and supplied with multi-complex of substrates, to reanimate you and make you stronger and grow bigger muscles - Beta Alanine, Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, N-acetyl-L-glutamineL-alanyl-L-glutamine, L-glutamine and adaptogens. So that you do not lose this essential micro-nutrients for muscle building, Plutonium replaces them.

In addition to this, Plutonium contains assimilation amplifier, which presses the anabolic and anti-catabolic growth substrates together as in a nuclear blast into your muscle cells.

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With Plutonium, you can forget can you forget about what was before — there is only one goal: iron brace and explode like an atomic bomb! Produse asemanatoare.

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