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Wikipedia 10 November On this day He ended a hunger strike on Wednesday. The Romanian-born American ended his day hunger strike Wednesday afternoon when the government, after years of delay and inaction, agreed to open a new investigation into the beating death of his father, a prominent dissident, in a communist-era prison three decades ago.

Ursu, His trial, the first brought against a government official from the communist era in nearly a quarter-century, is expected to last as long as two years. Romania has long had a reputation as one of the most reluctant among former communist states to uncover the dark pathways of its totalitarian past, particularly involving the Securitate, its dreaded secret police.

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But in recent years, with the announcement that Mr. Visinescu and perhaps others would finally be prosecuted, optimism sparked that Romania might at last be prepared to confront its brutal history. But these two cases, and others lingering lee active motion easy fit slimming stretch the shadows, help explain why that spark has dimmed.

Bureaucratic delays, withheld documents, unresponsive officials, public apathy and the slow grinding of investigations and litigation—while victims, perpetrators and witnesses grow old and vanish—have created a growing sense that a full reckoning may never come. Romania is unlike Poland and other Eastern bloc states in that the toppling of its dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, in was in some ways more of a palace coup, with many of the former top officials surviving the transition and lingering in the government for years and decades.

It is a phrase he uses often. But only a portion of the relevant documents are open to the investigators, and many of the archives that are available are in a jumble, without indexes, a sea of paper. Budeanca said.

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Visinescu, a former prison commander, is accused of torture and of being involved in the deaths of at least 12 political prisoners between and For more recent cases, like that of Mr. Iohannis promised to reignite a national debate on the topic, if elected, and he called for the creation of a national museum of the communist era. Slabesti cu apa calda opponent, the current prime minister, Victor Ponta, representing the center-left Social Democrats, agreed that the past should not be forgotten, but he seemed eager that Romania look forward.

Budeanca was not holding his breath. After the election, all of this interest disappears. It is complicated. According to later testimony, he was repeatedly beaten by guards and by other prisoners.

Ursu and others say that the person most responsible for his death was Marin Pirvulescu, a former major in the Securitate who was in charge of interrogations. Ursu, who moved with his mother to Chicago inoften returned to Romania after to petition the courts and politicians for justice. He staged a hunger strike inending it when investigations were opened involving two militia members who were convicted of murder in for conducting some of the beatings.

But Mr. Ursu continued to press for a case against Mr. The current hunger strike was begun, he said, when he had amassed what he considered to be a mountain of evidence, yet still hit resistance from Romanian officials. The gaunt and unshaven Mr. Ursu spent most of the past weeks on a sagging blue sofa in the ornate meeting room of the Group for Social Change, a nongovernmental organization in Bucharest.

Dull light filled the room, silhouetting a chandelier and ornate plasterwork. The news that his demand had been met came with the weary knowledge, he said, that bringing the investigation to fruition, if that ever happens, will be the work of many, many months.

I am not a spy. Ponta, long a political enemy, had worked as an undercover agent, he tapped into a rich vein of Romanian political culture clogged with accusations and counteraccusations of undercover skulduggery. Only then, he added, will the country finally overcome the traumas left behind by Nicolae Ceausescuthe Stalinist dictator who ruled here from until A bloody and still murky revolution that toppled Mr.

But it left in place a vast network of security officers and their collaborators, whose connections and access to compromising information made them powerful figures in the post-Communist order.

While Poland and most other former Communist countries moved swiftly to come to terms with the past, Romania long dodged any reckoning. Only in October did it finally put on trial year-old Alexandru Visinescu, a sadistic former prison commander whose prosecution had long been sought by traumatized former inmates. Ponta, the prime minister and presidential candidate, was 17 when Mr. Ceausescu lost power, so he had no connection with the old Communist government.

A clear sign that security work has shaken off much of its past stigma is that a program slabire fit 6 head of the foreign intelligence service, Teodor Malescanu, is among those running for president while the current head of the domestic security agency, George Maior, is widely expected to replace Mr. Plante naturale pentru a îndepărta grăsimea burtă as prime minister if the latter wins the presidential election.

Currently, the most determined critics of the domestic intelligence agencies are for the most part those who worry most about being accused of graft. Ionita said. He said he was skeptical about Mr. Turcescu, the television journalist who outed himself. He has denied that he collaborated with the Securitate while serving as a merchant navy captain and has now in turn accused Mr.

Ponta of working as a secret agent for S. Ponta worked as an agent while serving as a prosecutor is still potentially damaging and could, if proved, expose the prime minister to prosecution. But the spy allegations could even help Mr. In the past, said Mr. Ponta, Mr. Another prominent candidate, Elena Udrea, is backed by the president. But she, too, has become entangled in an lee active motion easy fit slimming stretch of espionage after photographs popped up on the Internet last week that showed her on a visit to Paris early this year with friends.

Also posted were receipts from her stay at a luxury hotel. News media outlets, even those controlled by her political rivals, declared her the victim of a dirty tricks campaign by intelligence operatives, possibly Romanian but also perhaps French.

Basescu said the photographs of Ms. But one bird has not been seen there for many years. Kiss is legendary in Romanian conservation, a man who knows the Danube delta as well as anyone alive, and he is drinking a farewell to another legend—one of the rarest birds in the world.

The slender-billed curlew used to migrate from Siberian breeding grounds to wintering areas in the Mediterranean via the delta's archipelago of waters, marshes and sighing trees. Kiss saw it several times, but it does not come here now.

Tracing the bird through its last haunts from Morocco to the Balkans, I have arrived here on Romania's Black Sea coast, at the delta's fringe, only to hear the same story.

A beautiful white and gold bird, finer and paler than the plump Eurasian curlew known to most birdwatchers, has lee active motion easy fit slimming stretch. No-one knows why. But Russia is still effectively a closed country.

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We don't know what happened there. I still don't know why I didn't shoot it. I am glad I didn't—it would have been a significant part of the population," he says. One of his 19 cats climbs his shirt, claws out. Kiss winces but does not flinch. In his garden are 30 species of fruit trees—peaches, plums and apples sway in the branches like soft treasure. Kiss has the gift of propagating life. It is largely thanks to him that the Danube delta reserve, one of the great habitats of Europe, has survived into this century.

Everything changed with what he calls "mega-paranoid communist agriculture". They shot cormorants, pelicans and egrets.

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Maybe in England people like nature because it is other to their environment. Here it is not so. Returning from exile, Kiss founded what became the Delta Biosphere Reserve. He needed fit and educated men to guard it—he found them in karate clubs. They caught a government official shooting swans in a protected area.

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The official escaped censure, while Kiss was sacked, then reinstated and appointed secretary of state for the environment by the next government. And what of the slender-billed curlew?

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A creature of the littorals, where water, sky and land bleed into one another, it lived in this soughing, murmurous world of bulrushes and rattling reeds, among the glasswort beds, where salt and sweet waters mingle.

Its companions are all around us—white pelicans and black storks like hussars with their red bills climb the thermals, swallows and martins volley into the wind. The autumn migration is under way, without the slender-billed curlew. The slender-billed curlew's recorded history sees the rise and fall of communism, the flood tide of Western capitalism, European integration, and now, perhaps, the ebb of those currents in the face of globalisation.

The career of Kiss parallels the strides—and now, he says—the stumbles of European conservation. I am glad I am old—pressure on protected areas is greater every day," he says. Their mother left Romania to work in Italy.

Their home is a cramped apartment in Bacau, their daily routine giving Georgiana little time to study for important exams. Capably mediating disputes and comforting the little ones, she never complains; only on rare outings with friends do we see her serious, patient features transform into those of the carefree teenager she may never have the chance to become. On Skype and on the telephone, in conversations and in the mail, the mother is a constant, longing presence, her summer return a fixed point of anticipation.

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He was A church spokesman, Lucian Florea, confirmed the death. In an interview with the Italian Catholic magazine Il Regno, published in AprilBishop Corneanu said that he had been recruited as an informer in when he was arrested by the Communists.

He said he had signed papers that led, into the excommunication of five dissident priests who had accused church leaders of prostituting the church to the demands of Communist rulers.

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He also informed on priests visiting Communist Romania. Some of my priests protested against the Communist dictatorship and were persecuted. I did not protect them. On the news of his death, bells rang out at Orthodox and Roman Catholic parishes on Sunday night.

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Over the years he also irritated church leaders with his tolerance of the Roman Catholic Church and homosexuals, though in his apology he regretted not helping his persecuted Roman Catholic colleagues.

Bishop Corneanu helped President Traian Basescu prepare a report on the abuses committed during the Communist era. He was bishop of Banat, in western Romania, from until his death. Ceausescu, who ruled Romania for 24 years, was forced from power in in a popular revolt joined by the Romanian Army.

That same year, he and his wife, Elena, a high government official, were executed by firing squad. To know where we are, do you need to see the smeared pitchers of schmaltz on every table?

Smell the chopped garlic on every steak? Outside on Chrystie Street, scaffolding obscures the faded red and yellow painted signs in front of the building, which looks as if it has been marked for demolition. Other steakhouses can drive themselves crazy over internal temperatures. One steak arrived medium well, and the other time a single steak ranged from well lee active motion easy fit slimming stretch to bloody, and every degree in between.

It was seared on the outside and raw inside, the way other places serve tuna.

Revista Română de Kinetoterapie vol 22/ nr.37/ Mai/ 2016

When nobody asked how I wanted sweetbreads broiled, I feared the worst. Another surprise: Scored and blackened on top, they were close to perfect. Speed trumps ceremony. Standing over a metal bowl of chopped liver, they pour a cascade of schmaltz from on high, go at the liver with forks to mix in the shredded radishes, fried onions and lumps of fried chicken skin, and do not necessarily notice the stray bits that escape the bowl and land on the table.