Fat sunburn sour

fat sunburn sour

It grows abundantly in meadows, a slender plant about 2 feet high, with juicy stems and leaves, and whorled spikes of reddish-green flowers, which give colour, during the months of June and July, to the grassy spots in which it grows.

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The upper ones are sessile. They frequently become a beautiful crimson. The stamens and pistils are on different plants. The seeds, when ripe, are brown and shining.

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The perennial roots run deeply into the ground. In Scotland it is 'gowkemeat.


The leaves contain a considerable quantity of binoxalate of potash, which gives them their acid flavour and medicinal and dietetic properties. They have been employed from the most distant time as a salad.

In France, Sorrel is put into ragouts, fricassées and soups, forming the chief constituent of the favourite Soupe aux herbes. Together with salt, it gives both the name and the relish to sallets from the sapidity, which renders not plants and herbs only, but men themselves pleasant and agreeable.

fat sunburn sour este cafeaua de pierdere în greutate

Both roots and seeds, as well as the herb, are held powerful to resist the poison of ardeți grăsime profundă scorpion. The leaves, wrapt in a colewort leaf and roasted in the embers, and applied to a large imposthume, botch boil, or plague-sore, doth both ripen and break it.

Yellowish part of milk, rich in butterfat, that rises to the surface naturally if milk is allowed to stand. In the dairy industry, cream is separated mechanically. Cream is graded by percentage of fat content.

The distilled water of the herb is of much good use for all the purposes aforesaid. Our country people used to beat the herb to a mash and take it mixed with vinegar and sugar, as a green sauce with cold meat, hence one of its popular names: Greensauce.


A few of the leaves may also with advantage be added to turnips fat sunburn sour spinach. When boiled by itself, without water, it serves as an excellent accompaniment to roast goose or pork, instead of apple sauce.

Simmer it as slow as you can, and when done enough, put a bit of butter and beat it well. The leaves contain a little starch and mucilage, and the root is rather farinaceous.

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Garden Sorrel likes a damp situation, French Sorrel a dry soil and an open situation. Sow moderately thin, in drills 6 inches apart, and thin out when the plants are 1 or 2 inches high.

fat sunburn sour pierderea în greutate cu colestiramină

When the stalks run up in July, they should be cut back. The roots will then put out new leaves, which will be tender and better for kitchen use than the older leaves, so that by cutting down the shoots of some plants at different times, there will always be a supply of young leaves.

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Sorrell doth undoubtedly cool and mightily dry, but because it is sour, it likewise cutteth tough humours. The juice thereof in summer time is a profitable sauce in many meats and pleasant to the taste.

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It cooleth a hot stomach. The leaves are with good success added to decoctions, and are used in agues.

fat sunburn sour pareri dieta ketogenica

The leaves are taken in good quantity, stamped and stained into some ale and cooleth the body. The leaves are eaten in a tart spinach. The seed fat sunburn sour Sorrell drunk in wine stoppeth the bloody flow.